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Alison Morris

Posted on July 05 2018

There’s been a definite movement in the fashion world. It reflects a growing sense of freedom. Freedom to be who you want to be. Freedom to wear what you want. Less his and hers or boy and girl or male and female. More unisex, gender free, gender neutral, gender fluid and no gender. So who's been embracing this new fluidity?


High street fashion brand River Island are the front runners. Last year they launched a gender neutral collection in collaboration with designer Ashish Gupta. Relaxed in style with sweats, pyjamas and sleeping bag coats. 'Good in bed' is emblazoned on the pyjamas.

(credit River Island)


River Island's SS18 collection was launched with a bold and playful campaign. It highlighted 'the outdated and irrelevant labels people are given' by using inclusive messages. A non binary model fronted '100% gender free'.


(credit Richard Burbridge)


ASOS collaborated with Glaad in June 2018 to celebrate Pride month. They released a collection of hats, jackets and shirts promoting unity, togetherness and acceptance


(credit Remi Lamande) 


Ten members of the LGBTQ+ community led the ASOS campaign, reinforcing it's diversity and inclusivity.


(credit Remi Lamande)


In the luxury fashion world Yohiji Yamamoto is the absolute master when it comes to gender neutral clothing. He's always been laid back about who wears his striking designs. 



(credit Alison Morris)


The idea of fluidity between the sexes is not a new one. Frida Kahlo flirted with androgyny despite her self-portraits being overtly feminine. In this picture with her family, Frida (far left) is wearing a three piece suit and tie.


(credit Guillermo Kahlo)


We’re all for this fluidity. We don’t restrict ourselves by his and hers labels when we design. We design what we love, what we want to wear and what feels right to us. Be who you want to be.


(credit James Champion)



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