Street Art - Ruling the Streets

Alison Morris

Posted on November 01 2018

Have you noticed the fantastic quality of street art in London? We're seeing more and more. It's showcasing some mad skills! You know how much we love street art. You can always find some on our Instagram feed and stories. It's super inspiring. But what do you think? Love it like us or do you see it as defacing property?

We see it as brightening up some fairly dull areas. It's given those hoardings around building sites a new lease of life. Sometimes it's motivating. Look at the encouraging  vibes from the Stormzy street art in Croydon. He's now a mega star. It was so disappointing when it was painted over.

Stormzy street art Croydon

Street art can be seen as enlightening and empowering. There are definitely fewer female artists than male. Anna Laurini has a distinctive style.Gorgeous red lips brighten up the West End, Soho and Shoreditch areas.'Live fully. Love fully' says Anna. We agree.

Anna Laurini street art Shoreditch London

Street artists sometimes use their skills to show their dissatisfaction with society, their upset with the authorities and the government. This art can be really thought provoking. They use a few words and graphics to communicate powerful messages.

Leake Street tunnel street art

Leake Street tunnel in Waterloo London has lots of examples of fantastic street art. There's the skilled imagery, the promotional tag and the rebellious rant. A lot of it is really dope. But we've noticed recently it is becoming a bit more commercial. So many more people visit now. Bars are opening up as you can see...

Leake street tunnel new bar Waterloo

So, we've been focusing on new places, a little more underground. The Brick Lane area may be rife with snappers and selfies but there are a few pockets in the roads off the main drag which are less busy. We were digging a little deeper and came across an artist who had just finished. The paint was still wet! Friends were hanging out enjoying the moment.

Off brick lane street art london

We're not sure why people have a problem with street art. But we know there's a fine line between defacing property and making it look great. We don't promote it if it's in a dangerous place or if it's setting off negative vibes. We're all about promoting the artistry. What do you think?

(Images credit Alison Morris)



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