Paying Homage to Granny

Alison Morris

Posted on March 08 2018

This International Women's Day I want to pay homage to my Granny...

My Granny lived her entire life in Guyana, South America. She was self employed at a time when most women stayed at home looking after children. She started her own business which she ran into her late '80's.


It's her entrepreneurial spirit I have been thinking about today. For her generation, she's the only woman I know who was self employed. First, she worked in bridal styling. Then it was catering for functions and event management. In later years Granny started her shop in Stabroek market in the capital city of Georgetown. She ran her version of our pop up shop!


Stabroek Market Georgetown Guyana

 Stabroek Market (credit-Bo Lovschall)


Granny also ran a smaller grocery business for her local community at the same time. Everyone knew if they visited Aunt Vi's shop when funds were low, she would let them shop on account. Except they didn't always pay as promised. I've no idea how she managed to keep going, but she did. Her indomitable spirit always saw her through. 


 Granny in Beautiful Guyana

 Granny in Guyana (credit-B Morris)


There are parallels in the way we started our businesses. Mine was not a direct route either. I arrived at business ownership via the legal profession. From the moment I found myself spending an entire evening bartering over beads in a souk in a Marrakech, I knew I wanted to design and make jewellery. My obsession developed and I set up Veiled Rebel.


I hope Granny is proud I am following in her footsteps. RIP Granny.




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