Alison Morris

Posted on March 04 2018

It's all in the name...

Venom is our new capsule jewellery collection. It is inspired by the sweet spot where sleek silver jewellery meets bold metal hardware. But, it didn't start life as Venom. It was originally Siren.



I always want a collection name when designing. Sometimes it evolves. Sometimes it appears in front of me like an unexpected gift! Sometimes I have to really brainstorm. I knew this collection needed a word with a strong identity. It needed to be a single word, a strong single word. Last summer, the word Venom came along...the gift! Immediately and instinctively I knew this was it, the perfect fit.

 Venom snake


Venom has a powerful symbolism in animals. Snakes use their poisonous secretion on prey. It is their strength in the wild.


Venom talon ring


You can wear the Mini Talon Ring on it's own for a subtle edginess. Or wear the Ring Quartet when you really want to show your own power and strength.




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