Yellow Rules OK!

Alison Morris

Posted on March 03 2018

Let's talk colour...

Veiled Rebel's main brand colour is a rich and vibrant sunflower yellow. For me, it oozes positivity and feel-good vibes. But why yellow?


Veiled Rebel Brand Colour


I always knew the choice of colour would be a key decision. Almost, but not quite, as important as the main brand logo. Ours is a small 'new' business and colour would play a significant part in it's new branding.

Initially, I was really excited and looking forward to considering the options Cara Bendon Branding Consultancy sent me. Like most people, I have a favourite colour, pink. But after all my research, I was determined to remain open minded and choose the best colour for my brand.


 Veiled Rebel warm colour choices


What followed were days of intense angst and hand wringing! I was sent strong colour options and couldn't stop flip-flopping between the yellow and the pink/red options. (I had very quickly discounted other colours earlier). I asked several people what they thought, but I knew ultimately the decision was mine. 

In the end, it was a simple positive and negative grid. When completed, the positives were overwhelming for the yellow and there were no negatives. My mind was made up and I'd crossed that hurdle!


Veiled Rebel brand colour


We always remember colours. Our yellow is spirited, eye-catching and gender neutral. I know I made the right choice.




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