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Alison Morris

Posted on March 01 2018

We will be a little more raw, with a little more attitude and show you a little more of what’s going on behind the scenes. 


To introduce you to Veiled Rebel, there will be a short series of daily blogs. So, let’s start off with…


Why Veiled Rebel?

I came up with the name a few years ago. I was trying to be descriptive, began brainstorming and ended up with ‘Veiled Rebel’. It was perfect and most importantly I loved it.




I don’t think you can be ambivalent about your business name, you should feel a connection to it. As a small business owner, you put everything into your business. You can’t be ‘meh’!


What does Veiled Rebel mean?

It’s a juxtaposition of the elegance of luxury jewellery and fashion with the raw attitude of rebellion.




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  • Shaunna Farley: October 11, 2018

    I totally agree with your journey in choosing your name. You’ve got to feel it. very inspiring and lovely work.

  • Cara Bendon: March 01, 2018

    LOVE seeing the original moodboard and inspiration come together into the pieces, brand and photoshoot. #elegantrebellion

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